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Speed Dial

In Development

6th & 7th March 2020, VAULT Festival (London)


"Singing in the Rain meets Hitchcock" 

★★★★ (The Reviews Hub)

"Surprising and satisfying in equal measure... it's exuberance is unmistakeable"

★★★★★ (The Upcoming)


Les Enfants Terribles Award 2020

Tone. Dial. Ring.

When a Professor answers an apparently random phone call that seems eerily pertinent to their own life, decade-long feuds are uncovered and old wounds are prised open. In a race against the clock to save their family and their job, the Professor hares across the quad from the library, to the lecture hall to the gymnasium attempting to uncover whodunnit and why.


Multi-award winners Spies Like Us present an action-packed physical thriller about connection and forgiveness on the grand old grounds of a 1970s university campus.

We are developing the show further following a Work in Progress at VAULT Festival 2020 and we are currently programming a UK tour.


Interested in programming Speed Dial?  Download our info pack here.

CAST (VAULT Festival 2020): 

The Professor: Ned Cooper

Terry: Evangeline Dickson

The Dean: Tullio Campanale

The Editor: Gabriella Margulies

Willis/The Groundskeeper: Hamish Lloyd Barnes

Director: Ollie Norton-Smith

Writers: Ollie Norton-Smith, Hamish Lloyd Barnes and Joe Large

Producer: Nikita Karia

Lighting Design: Jerome Reid & Ollie Norton-Smith

Sound Design: Oscar Maquire & Ollie Norton-Smith

Dance Choreography: Zak Nemorin

Set Design: Arabella Ockenden

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