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As a young company, workshops and education is an element of our work we are passionate about and are looking to develop.


Beginning in early 2019, we have started to offer bespoke workshops for schools and institutions which focus on our creative process, delving into our use of music to fuel movement, creative and non-literal use of objects, and also looking at physical theatre and devising methods more broadly. Perfect for anyone interested in visual storytelling, from emerging artists to A-Level and GCSE drama students, our workshops aim to equip individuals with a diverse toolkit for creating fresh and exciting devised theatre with an emphasis on movement.


At schools, we offer workshops tailored specifically to the age bracket and desired learning outcomes. In the past, we have given workshops and then performed one of our critically acclaimed ensemble shows followed by an audience Q&A.

“It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic the students were to work with an emerging theatre group. The students were extremely lucky to see such slick and detailed physical theatre storytelling. Hopefully this will lead to inspiring the next generation of theatre makers to follow in their footsteps.” - Charlie Woollhead. Head of Drama, Bromsgrove Prep School.

"AWESOME WORKSHOP. I learnt so much. Thank you YAF and Spies Like Us" - Nicola Rae, Drama Teacher, Hong Kong. 

"Honestly one of the best workshops - I enjoyed it so much and learnt a lot." - Stanley Chiu, Actor.  

If you have an enquiry about Workshops & Education, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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