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Over a year in

Hamish, Joe and I have been working on the Speed Dial script for over a year now. It seems pretty crazy that all the work we've put in so far has only yielded two performances of the WIP back in March right before all of the covid craziness hit the UK for real. We had a really exciting read through of some new bits of script a few weekends ago and, despite a recent unsuccessful Arts Council application, we're working towards the final show first being performed in June/July 2021. It still feels a million miles away, and it's really hard to maintain optimism sometimes, but we keep on keeping on.

We have some really cool news and exciting (paid) opportunities for companies and artists at very early stages of their careers coming soon, so it's giving us some drive to work towards 2021. Lots of other ideas are bouncing around my head at the moment, but until we close the book on the development of Speed Dial I don't think I'll really be able to explore those and realise the potential they might have for us as a company.

Bit of a ramble. Not a lot going on for audiences interested in our work at the moment, although we are working very hard on covid-friendly education resources for schools and students which we should hopefully be able to release fairly soon. It feels like a long time since we did a play, and that's probably because it has. Here's hoping for future funding successes and a return to the rehearsal room and an auditorium as soon as we possibly can.

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