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  • Ollie Norton-Smith

Milestones and standing out

So today marks 70 days until we open with Woyzeck on August 1st, and 90 days until we return with Our Man in Havana on the 21st at this summer's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It seems we get closer and closer with ever-increasing speed, and with lots still to do it seems we'll be starting rehearsals before we know it!

My second blog for Spotlight is also now available. This month is about publicity, promotion and standing out for the crowd in Edinburgh. It's incredibly exciting to be working with an organisation like Spotlight and we hope you might get something out of reading it! Do let us know your thoughts if you have any.

The Joint Venue Brochure for Pleasance, Underbelly, Guilded Baloon and Assembly is out next week too. We're excited to see the listings for our two shows in print - it always makes it seem that bit more real! Be sure to pick up your copy and get a pen out to start circling shows for August!

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