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Edinburgh countdown and Spotlight blog #3

Yesterday marked a month until we open with our first preview of Woyzeck on August 1st at the Pleasance Dome and things are really starting to get exciting!

This week Hamish and I are the writing room (one of our living rooms) and are finalising our script and artistic ideas before we're back in the rehearsal room for the first time since April. We start rehearsals next week and, whilst there's a lot to be getting on with between now and then (as always) I'm feeling more and more excited to get going.

My penultimate blog for Spotlight is out as of last week and can be found here. This month I was examining how we construct our stories from the germ cell of an idea to the final realisation you see on stage. This is the last with a specific theme, with my final effort set to focus more on the last-minute and final preparations we'll be going through in the last few days before we go up to Edinburgh.

Finally: we are now on Instagram! In addition to our Twitter and Facebook accounts you are now able to get more of a behind-the-scenes look at the company if you follow @SpiesLikeUsTheatre - we hope you'll like what you see.

That's it for now, if you're looking to get into the mood for what Hamish and I are up to at the moment, have a listen to this!

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