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  • Ollie Norton-Smith

Rehearsals well under way!

An unsuccessful attempt to make an elephant onstage (we've since dropped the idea)

We're over a week into rehearsals now and things are ticking on nicely! In a week's time we'll have a small invited audience watch our first performance (without lights etc.) who we hope will give us some valuable feedback. With around 10 days until our first Edinburgh preview and two weeks to the day until the festival kicks off, I'm getting more and more excited to get back up there and show what we can do.

This week we've been joined by our fantastic choreographer Zak Nemorin who helped us get some incredibly exciting sequences on their feet for the latter part of the show. Woyzeck is shaping up to be something pretty special, and if we continue our hard work through to next week I think we'll be on to a winner!

With such an intense first week we're all knackered and starting to get a bit ratty. With a day off tomorrow to recuperate and get lines firmly embedded in brains we'll return at the start of Monday ready to finish blocking scenes and get to running and polishing!

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