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We're back!

Aaaaaaaaand we're done! 32 performances of Woyzeck and Our Man in Havana to over 2400 people later and that's another Fringe in the bag!

It's been a crazy month from beginning to end, with some incredible highs that definitely outweighed the odd low. I'm tired, achey, and a little under the weather, but I'm so proud of what Alex, Hamish, Niki, Phoebe, Tullio, Rosa and I have achieved together this summer. Enormous thanks to Oscar Maguire for making our show sound so good and to Cameron Spain for stepping up to the plate and being the calmest techie in Edinburgh for the final few shows. Huge thanks also go to our wonderful 10Dome crew, Becky, Ross and Lucy, not to mention Billy and her team in Pleasance Two.

We'll be back again soon (watch this space!) and will have the website updated and looking brand spanking new in the next few days, but for now we're all enjoying a very well-earned rest.

Spies Like Us will return again...


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