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1 week until 'Woyzeck' returns...

In a week's time we will be taking to the stage with our production of Woyzeck once again as we return to Jags school in South London after performing Our Man in Havana there last year. Tickets are still available, and if you're interested to hear about us and the story of the show there will also be a short Q+A after the 4:30pm performance. I'm excited to get back in the rehearsal room on Sunday and rediscover some of the magic from Edinburgh.

In the few weeks since we've been back Hamish, Niki and I have been hard at work making plans for the future of the company, as well as updating our website (we think it looks better than ever, but that's just our opinion) and we're excited to announce what we've got in store...

In addition to our performances at Jags on Tuesday 18th, we have also recently announced that we will be part of the Pleasance's 'Caledonian Express' season and will be performing Woyzeck for 3 SHOWS ONLY December 22nd-23rd. We'd love to see you there! More to come from us soon...


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