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  • Ollie Norton-Smith

Something wicked this way comes

It has been truly non-stop the last few weeks. After a fantastic show and Q+A at Bristol Grammar School we descended into the Loco Klub for two incredibly atmospheric and exciting performances of Woyzeck, probably the last ever! We had a great response to the shows and it was a cracking send off for a show that started life in my head in 2014 - we came a long way with it! Thank you to everyone who has seen the show over the last year, and to everyone who has supported it and us in that time, it's been a blast. Thanks also to StageTalk, Backstage Bristol and Inter:Mission for your lovely reviews.

Since then we've plunged ourselves straight into the next project, which we're incredibly excited about. After a fantastic photoshoot this weekend and a few days of R+D, we're VERY excited to announce this show and start to build momentum for the summer - watch this space...

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