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Big week!

I'm incredibly excited that we're opening Our Man in Havana at VAULT festival tomorrow! It's been so long since we performed it in London (the last time was in December 2017) and I hope it goes down well with VAULT audiences. Performing just a short walk from the power-brokers and 'peace-keepers' in Whitehall and Westminster, it feels an apt location to set our sunny, silly scene. We've been hard at work, and the show has come such a long way since it's inception and previous performances, both in the capital and further afield. I hope to see some of you there and that we might grab a nice cold drink in the bar afterwards.

If anything, opening our Work in Progress performances of Speed Dial on Friday is making me even more enthusiastic about this week. It marks a big step for us as a company, both in the way we have been able to develop the project over time and with new people - in no small part thanks to our first successful Arts Council application - and in terms of the development from here on out. We're inviting audiences to feedback on what they see, and hope to really take the show to the next dimension before any performances of the 'finished' article. The performances will be no less slick, physical and polished than our other shows, but there'll be a few more things we're less sure about in there, but which we want to try out. Whatever happens, it looks set to be funny, tense, and full of heart.

I hope we'll see you underground for these shows, tickets available here:

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