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How we made WOYZECK

Hello there.

We've been overwhelmed by the positive response to Woyzeck being streamed online. if you're one of those who has come across our work through this sharing: welcome! We're Spies Like Us, and thank you for checking out what we do.

We made Woyzeck over an intense, incredibly challenging and exciting 2 week period in July 2018. When the recording premiered online on Sunday, we did a live tweet-along on Twitter, which you can view here. In it, we broadcast the memories, observations and sometimes-ugly truths about making, performing and reflecting on the show. It's the most honest we've ever been about anything, and I think neatly shows quite how much goes into making one of our shows, especially one which we are so proud of. I hope you enjoy reading!

If you're a teacher, then hello to you too! We'd love to hear from you if you or your classes have enjoyed the show. We are planning a tour to schools across the country to perform Woyzeck and facilitate workshops. With our strange old world right now things are on pause a bit, but please do get in touch.

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